8 Erotic Jewelry Ideas – Simple Ways To Spice Up Your Wardrobe

When it comes to erotic jewelry, you might think of something like collars/chokers etc. And those definitely fall into this category. However, there is so much more out there if you wanted to add a dash of kink to your ensemble.




Try earrings, necklaces, and bracelets but with twists like naked bodies or fertility-esque torsos as necklace pendants. There’s plenty to choose from and as simple, ornate, in-your-face, or subtle as you want.




It’s here you’ll find the deals, steals, and quirky finds you crave.

You’ll also find a ton of “censored” or “mature” censor bars across many pictures (which annoys me, because I can’t see the details of what they’re selling).

I will, however, warn you. Just like Amazon, you can find some amazing products but some equally disappointing items that feel like highway robbery when they arrive on your doorstep.


One example of a seller who doesn’t really know the product their making: Crystal vaginal or anal plugs with “crystal” beads. Many of these are impossible to clean and sterilize.

Then there are the “WTF” finds (And not always in a bad way, mind you).


How about penis jewelry?

Yep, you can bling-up your twig and berries with something prettier than the bathroom towel or dirty sock.

There’s also the BDSM aspect of sissification and humiliation that some dudes dig.




These vintage image cufflinks are adorable – and there’s just as much in the way of naughty or kinky options as there is female jewelry.

However, it’s worth noting that online options are limited greatly to Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, CowCow, and CafePress etc. Anything else and you’ll have to do some digging.




Not the first thing people would jump to, but nipple jewelry is a great way to wear something naughty while keeping it a wonderful, dirty secret.


You have things that look like they were knitted by your grandmother, however, there are some gorgeous body jewelry stickers that are totally worth trying at least once.




What about something on the higher end of the price scale?

Xenses has a wide variety from various designers and manufacturers – from earrings to cock rings and everything in between (with most materials being various metals, crystals, stone, and leather and a seeming emphasis on quality rather than bargain bin steals).

However, expect to dish out at least 50 pounds … minimum.

For those of you who love animal play, their anal plugs have actual horse hair. My personal favorites were the “door knocker” and “Morning Star” plugs.





Body Body has a mecca of choices – but mostly focusing on crystals (with some gold and silver thrown in for other products, at least the non-clothing options).

If you’re a party girl, you might like the “bitch” hoop earrings with the crystal mini dress.

Or if you’re like things classy, try one of their waist chains (I love the ones with an extra chain that hands down the small of your back).

There ARE non-erotic options as well.




Dear god, I want so many things in this place. Nearly everything has an erotic twist on it.

There’s g-string, breast, clitoral, penetrating, and labia jewelry – just to name a few. And for those who cringe at the idea of piercing your ladylips, there are non-pierced options (which I’m beyond happy to see).

Too nervous to be “out there” about your kink? You can try the necklace and nipple hoops combo. Wear it under your shirt at work and feel super sexy.

The company is based in France (get your browser to translate the page), but they have international shipping to most places.




Italian luxury craftsmanship – and the price tag to back it. For the rich kinkster or anyone with some extra cash to burn (or master/submissive to spoil).

All of this stuff is handmade and the sultry equivalent of buying a Louis Vuitton bag. Expect to shell out hundreds or thousands of euros. However, you’ll have a timeless piece that will instill envy in others.

And, if you’ve ever heard the term sado-chic” this is the company that coined the phrase.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Have you found any fabulous erotic jewelry? Share in the comments so we can all go shopping!

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