Best Male Chastity Device

Are you looking forward to adopting male chastity? Or just wanna give cock cages as gifts? Let’s assume you and your partner have had length of discussions on it and the decision has been taken on mutual agreement. Well, the next step after you have decided to get into chastity is to find a chastity device. A male chastity device is usually a cage that locks big penis in. Most of the times, you won’t have a problem with urination with the device on. But since the device will be locked you can’t have orgasm and that the main ethos of getting male chastity. Now, the adult toy market is flooded with a variety of male chastity device but not all will be equally compatible for you. The penis is an extremely delicate part of male body. So, you should be very careful before putting anything on or around it.

The post below offers a brief on how to find the right male chastity device.

Measure the base ring

The base ring is the most significant part of your male chastity device and hence you need to be the most accurate with its fitment. The base ring is the one which goes around cock and balls and any problem here would spoil your entire experience. What is worse, an ill-fit base ring may even injure your genital.

Unfortunately, you can’t actually wear and try a male chastity device to gauge the right fitment of the base ring. You can measure with a tape or string but you can’t guarantee the most accurate measurement here. Thus, the best option here is to try out a few cock rings first to understand the accurate size for your base ring. Buy rings in the range of 2” (diameter) to 1/4th”. Look for solid materials such as plastic or metal as the stretchy counterparts can’t offer accurate measurement. According to experts, you should focus on  rounded smooth rings which will be easier to wear around the sensitive organ. Start with the 2” ring first and see how it fits. This way, you will try out the fitment measurement with all sizes till you reach your ideal size. After you get the perfect one, wear the ring for a couple of days. If there is no pain or itch or irritation, you know you have got the best compatible ring size.


Measure cage length


Take a medium-sized ruler and place that on underside of penis. You have to get the measurement right from tip till the base. Don’t press it into scrotum since it will render an erroneous measurement. You must be in a flaccid state while gauging the measurement. According to experts, you must get the measurement multiple times in a day as readings may vary. Find out the most common reading and stick to it. After you have finalized on the length, deduct ½” -1/4th” off your final result. The measurement that you get after the deduction will be the most appropriate length for your male chastity cage.

Measure cage diameter

Now, it’s a secondary thing compared to the cage length but still important. After all correct fitment with every aspect of the chastity device will only make the whole experience smoother and unforgettable. According to some, the cage diameter should be able to hug your penis. But experts advise to go for a cage diameter which is slightly loose to your actual penis dimension. This way, there will be sufficient room for air circulation around your genital. Remember, you have to keep the area dry always. A sweaty humid penis will develop foul smell and can also experience infections.

Besides, make sure when you place the cage around the penis, there is no bunching. Bunching can trap the skin and pinch your penis. And that’s painful. So, the moot point here is to ensure there is enough wiggle room around the genital area when you lock the cage.

Consider the materials

Male chastity devices are available in a wide range of materials and each comes with its respective features.


Leather male chastity devices definitely look the sexiest of all other counterparts. So, if looks matter to you, the leather ones should be a part of your collection. Another big advantage of the leather devices is that you don’t need to take them off while cleaning and showering. However, leather is a porous fabric and this is one of its major cons. Being porous, it tends to accumulate bodily fluid and sweat which altogether lead to an unhygienic damp atmosphere around the penis. Thus, it’s best to use leather occasionally, say for special nights.


When it comes to most popular material for male chastity devices, polycarbonate wins hands-down. It’s lightweight, comfortable & you can wear for longer period of time. The modern options come with both pee vent and air vents for an easy wear.


In regards to metal male chastity devices, the steel ones are the most favorite. But you should make sure to go for a device made from 316 Stainless Steel only for optimum safety. Now, it’s true that steel ones are considerably heavy. It will take some time to get accustomed to them. However, most of the men prefer steel because it’s tougher to escape from a steel cage.


Silicone cages are even lighter compared to polycarbonate ones and assure the most comfortable wear.  The best thing about silicone is that it warms up to body temperature fast and is always more adaptable compared to other materials. However silicone rings pose a firmer grasp on skin which could be painful at times. Thus, it’s better use some talc on the rings before these are placed on your genital area.

Final words

There are several adult toy shops and brands that are selling male chastity devices online today. Not just for BDSM, but there are chastity cages for long-time couples as well. But don’t just settle with the first option you come across. As per the experts, you must carry out a thorough comparative study on at least 5-6 potential names before the final sign up. The one you take to should be a time-tested name, backed by happy customers.

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