Choosing The Right Underwear Styles To Make You Look Sexy AF

You’re frustrated.

You see a beautiful bra and panty set online and you rush to buy it, waiting to feel sexy as fuck. But then you put it on and it’s nothing but disappointment.

The problem?

You bought an underwear style that was totally wrong for your body shape, or that’s totally unsuitable for you while you wear yoni eggs for doing yoga.

Let’s look at what you can buy so you can look like the Victoria Secret model you long for. (But don’t go thinking there’s only one idea shape because they’re all gorgeous).



Wider hips and thighs, narrow shoulders, wide butt, smaller bust

  • Bandeau bras are a good choice
  • • Also, give some Brazilian panties a try
  • • Babydoll lingerie will flatter you
  • • If you have a larger bust, get something with proper support
  • • Your boobs need a little help, so grab a push up or Wonderbra
  • • Underwear should be high cutting and low rise – like bikini briefs



Same width top and bottom

  • • Long line your long legs and adds shape
  • • Adornments or ruffles on the panties make the waist seem wider
  • • Try demi-cup bras to give a greater illusion of curves
  • • Thongs or g-strings will also be flattering



Bust and hips the same width, smaller waist


  • • You have the most flexibility and freedom of all the body types
  • • Garter belts and stockings draw attention to your tiny waist
  • • Make sure you have a well-fitting, supporting bra for those full breasts.
  • • You can totally get away with bodysuits
  • • If you want to downsize your bust instead of flaunting it, full cup bras or a minimizer bra will do the trick





Large bust, broad shoulders, narrow hips, less defined waist

  • • V cut briefs and length to your torso
  • • Go for curvy friendly shapes
  • • Your luscious boobs need a well-fitting, support bra
  • • Panties or under-shorts must give you a defined waist, perfect while doing yoga with yoni eggs.
  • • Corsets are a good friend if you really want to get the waist curve.
  • • Classic briefs are a go, but full coverage knickers are a nono
  • • Choose bras with lots of extra adornments to draw attention upwards



Broad shoulders, small hips

  • • You need to even out your proportions, so avoid thin or embellished bra straps which will only emphasize your top
  • • Ruffled or adored panties are great
  • • Bloomers give hips some extra curve
  • • Slips are great – especially those with ruffles at the waist
  • • No straight cut bras – aim for plunging




Remember that all breasts are not the same shape, this will also change what style of bra you should wear.

Consider getting a professional bra fitting – because 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. 



There is plenty of shapewear to hide or accentuate – things like tummy tuckers, control top pantyhose etc. that will target and trouble areas you’re concerned about.

Determine if your underwear is to shape your body under your clothes or if it’s something to be shown off to a lover.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Keep in mind, this is just a general guide.

More than anything, it will be about what YOU want to emphasize. If your body shape recommends showing off your cleavage, but you prefer to down-size, go for it! Being comfortable in your skin and exuding confidence is what really makes you beautiful.

Do you have any other underwear style tips you want to add? Share in the comments!

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