Elevating Your Self-Love Thru Penis Plugs

Ideal for men who want to enjoy an erection for a long time, the penis ring was invented. You can imagine that it is longer to enjoy the sex game if you put one on. Which woman will not long enjoy a hard penis in her vagina. After all, it is processed as straight as a vibrator and does not know how to stop it. A penis plug offers completely different things that are good for both the woman and the man. In some penis plugs there is a pen or a vibrator that makes it even more pleasant to penetrate the woman. A penis plug can help you to hold your erection longer. So you can enjoy the sex game together longer! A penis plug often offers other additional benefits such as penis stimulation or partner stimulation. View all types and sizes penis plugs, penis rings and penis tubes within our range of sex toys. Here is the introduction to urethral play.

Do you want to make the party complete then you take one with which you can pamper your partner with both anal and vaginal. That must be a splashing orgasm for both. Take a good look if you buy a penis plug or tube that it has to meet and then make your choice.

The penis plug can be used to stimulate the urethra, from the inside. It is no secret that there are many nerve endings on the inside of the penis. These are not stimulated during sex and during masturbation. That’s a shame. The penis plug, however, can.

The penis plug has at the top a ball or ring, with which it is stopped and cannot shoot inside. The penis plug can also be used during physical sex. There are penis plugs with a hollow inside. This makes it possible to get ready or pee during use.

The Mini Fucker penis plug is for pleasure and not pain. Once you get used to it, you will feel how amazing it is. Some have it while they masturbate and then pull it out (slowly) before triggering for extra stimulation.

Something that should be considered as a beginner is that a penis acts just like when you insert an anal plug. First, you get some patience, but when the thickest part is in it, usually the rest sucks by itself.


You use a penis plug by inserting it into the urethra. Note that this should be done very slowly along with sterile lubricant. The penis plug has a hole in the middle that is used for liquids such as urine to pass through, but you should remove the penis before urinating.

A penis plug is perhaps one of the most extreme SM toys that can be found in our BDSM shop for men. Especially the first time the use of a penis plug can be quite exciting. Of course it is also not a toy to experience erotic pleasure in the urethra. There are also a number of issues that are important to take into account if you use a plug for the penis. Sex shop currently has 17 different types of penis plugs available online. The variation is mainly in design and extra possibilities, such as a plug with cock ring, a plug with a ring, a penis plug with rubber hose and hollow penis plugs. Are you ready for extreme indulgence or would you like to try something new and do you like a bit of spice? With a penis plug you get one of the roughest BDSM toys in the house.

Which penis plug should I choose?

It is recommended that your first penis plug is not one with too many bells and whistles. As a beginner, choose a smooth plug with a dense design (no hollow plug), these are a lot easier to insert and are a tad less extreme than the hollow variants and the plugs with ridges and grooves. Each penis plug has an extensive page, here you will find useful information about the product, so that you can make a well-considered decision about the different designs and choose the right one. You can take your pick from this great collection but remember to use 35%off at checkout to get discount on your penis plug.

Tips for using a penis plug

Clean the penis plug well before use. Make sure you are relaxed and cannot be disturbed. Place lubricant on the penis plug and on the opening of your penis. Make sure the penis is in erection. Do not rush in, take the time and take it easy. Does not it work? Remove the plug and take the time before you try again. Are you succeeding? Now that you experience the feeling, you can calmly move the plug back and forth at a pace that you like. Clean the plug after use and try to pee.

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