The beauty and simplicity of bullet vibrators

Bullet vibrators are simple yet powerful. They are really small, measuring somewhere around 2-4”. But there is more to these bullets than their petite size. In fact, bullet vibrators are some of the most intense vibrators around. If you are starting out in the vibrator world for the first time, these bullet vibrators will be your friend. As they are small in size, they are easy to handle, especially for a beginner.

Sexy benefits of bullet vibrators

Bullet vibrators usually enjoy a higher edge over other vibrators thanks to their wide array of sexy benefits.

Easily portable

The petite size of bullet vibrator assures the great advantage of easy portability. While most of the other kinds of vibrators are minimum 6” long, these mini buzz toys are limited to 4-5” maximum. Yes, a  bullet vibrator is even smaller in size than your smartphone. Thus, you can easily slip it into your pocket or purse and carry it anywhere. You don’t need to arrange for special packing as you have to do while traveling with other kinds of vibrators.

Besides, thanks to their mini size, they are not easily detectable among the random array of things inside your purse. This way, you won’t have to be in the fear of raised eyebrows every time you will open your purse or take things out of your pocket.

More quiet

A lot of couples have faced embarrassing situations while using vibrators. Yes, some vibrators are really loud and you can’t use them anywhere outside your home. You can’t even enjoy them in a hotel room while traveling as the sound may disturb guests in the other room as well.

But, you don’t have such worries with a bullet vibrator. Despite their powerful buzz, bullets are always quieter in comparison to the bigger vibes. Yes, these mini vibrators do emit a sort of buzz sound but that’s as soft as a whisper. Thus, you can enjoy the bullet buzz even at hotels on your trips.


Bullet vibrators don’t exactly look like the typical adult toys. They mostly appear like a lipstick tube at a glance and hence assures better discretion than other vibrators.

Great versatility

Bullet vibrators are extremely versatile. They are not just for use on your vulva. Rather you can use them to arouse other parts of the body as well. For example, you can rub it on your breasts, navel and stomach to awaken your senses before you go down under. You can even use it to stimulate the penis of your partner and make things more thrilling for him.

Now, it’s to mention here that bullet vibrators can’t be used inside the anal. As they are small in size, they may get lost inside easily. However, that doesn’t mean you can never use bullet vibrators to stimulate your backdoor. You will get butt plugs with holes today where you can insert the bullet vibrator and enjoy an amazing buzz.

Great for outdoor fun

With bullet vibrators, you won’t have to limit your naughty scenes inside the privacy of your room only. You can also wear them outside your home and enjoy passionate sensations at malls, parks or anywhere you wish to. They can be easily tucked inside your panty and then you would just need a tight trouser to secure it before you go out of your house.

These days, you will even get vibrating panties with bullet vibrators inside. These vibrators are usually remote controlled so that you can enjoy a hands-free buzz down under. You can control the remote yourself or else tell your partner to control it. In fact, these vibrators are excellent to spice up long-distance relationships where couples can’t get physically intimate often. Some of these remote controlled bullet vibrators can be synced up with smartphone. They come with an app that can be downloaded in a smartphone. You can tell your partner to download it in his phone. Then, as you tuck the vibrator inside your panty, he can man the buzz through his smartphone even when he is physically far from you.

Easy learning curve

Bullet vibrators do not involve any sort of complex mechanism and hence are easier to understand and use. They usually come with just one single button which you would have to push up to enjoy the magic buzz. Otherwise, you will get a handy remote to control it which is equally easy to master.

Good affordability

This is another major reason behind the widespread popularity of bullet vibrators today. These are conveniently affordable and are available at a fraction of cost of other vibrators around.

Tips to buy a bullet vibrator

Are you looking to buy a bullet vibrator? Well, here are some tips that will help you to make the right choice.

Check reviews and ratings

Don’t just place order for the first bullet vibrator you come across online. You should get a comparative study on at least 4-6 such vibrators in the first place. Your chosen one should be backed by rave reviews both from the experts and the previous customers. Lovegasm has been getting an amazing number of great reviews that is why we always recommend them to our readers for sex toys including bullet vibrators.

Check the material

Among all the materials used for adult toys, silicone is said to be the safest. Make sure your chosen bullet vibrator is made from medical-grade silicone. Toys made of ABS plastic are also good.

Check the number of patterns

More are the patterns in your bullet vibrator, better is the “O” game for you. Some of the best ones in the market come with as many as 10 patterns. If you don’t have the budget for 10, find a one with at least 7 patterns.

Waterproof body

Would you like to use your bullet vibrator in your shower? Shower sex is always fun and a bullet vibe will add even more spice to it. However, if you plan to use your bullet vibrator in shower, just make sure to look for a waterproof option.


It’s good if your bullet vibrator carries a warranty. The best models in the market carry minimum 1 year of warranty.

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