The Magic of Yoni Eggs

The yoni egg is a multifunctional talent: The gem egg has a revitalizing and invigorating effect. And on our vagina. For that you just have to put it in the vagina and do what you just have to do. Also you should know how to use yoni eggs.

The exercises with the egg-shaped gemstones should have the following effects:

  • Strengthening and massage of the pelvic floor muscles
  • increase blood circulation
  • Support digestion
  • Increasing pleasure and the ability to orgasm
  • Cleaning and energizing the genital area
  • Protection against infections and fungal diseases
  • help after sexual trauma

Yoni eggs are made of different gemstones, such as jade, rock crystal, rose quartz or red jasper.

The eggs are between three and five centimeters in size – thus correspond approximately to the diameter of a (erected) average German penis. Almost self-explanatory that the yoni egg must be introduced into the vagina to develop its effect.

But first of all: boil with hot water and wait until it is lukewarm. This makes it

  1. germ-free and
  2. pleasantly warm.

But how does the yoni egg work?

  1. Take the yoni egg and oil it at will, egg with commercial lubricant or Vaseline.
  2. Next, insert the yoni egg into the vagina (with the thick side first!).
  3. If it is completely in the vagina, put it on. Then relax it again. Repeat alternately for several minutes, ideally as follows: inhale, hold breath, tense, count to twelve in your mind, exhale slowly, relax, continue to breathe normally, and count to twelve again in your mind.

Now you can do some pelvic floor exercises with the yoni egg:

  1. Stand with the inserted yoni egg.
  2. Circle the pelvis, alternating right and left.
  3. Now describe a lying eight with the pelvis, alternately right and left.
  4. Lie down again and let the yoni egg rest in the vagina (the muscles are also passive with the egg).

A yoni egg is an egg-shaped semiprecious stone, which is introduced into the yoni and held in it. Through the contractions when carrying and holding strengthen the Yoni eggs your PC muscles. These are the ones responsible for a healthy sex life and good pelvic floor muscles. At the same time, the semi-precious stones harmonize your female organism and bring self-love and healing in this so long covered with shame area.


The word yoni is Sanskrit and means translated “holy temple”. This refers to your vagina. This ancient technique has its origins in Taoism, a Chinese tradition that focuses on sexual energy.

The yoni eggs are a real gem for the yoni. The sets consist of three certified rose quartz eggs in different sizes and are the perfect introduction to your yoni egg practice. The smooth snake design of the Libeled chain ensures that nothing can get caught in it. It can easily be changed or removed manually. You decide daily about the quality of your practice.

What advantages does a yoni egg have?

  • Intensification of your sexuality
  • Deeper bond with your yoni
  • Revitalization of the nerve endings within the yoni
  • Sensitization for the smallest sensations
  • Strengthening your libido
  • Easier dampening
  • Help dissolve sexual trauma
  • Increase your orgasm ability
  • Increased ability to multiple orgasms
  • Closer feeling for your sex partner
  • Enrichment of sex with your partner – with and without yoni egg
  • Satisfaction of the partner by pure contraction of the conical muscles
  • Arriving in your feminine power
  • Energetic cleansing and balancing of the uterus
  • Loving interaction with yourself and your femininity
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Relief of menstrual cramps
  • Increased fertility
  • Postnatal strengthening of the pelvic floor
  • Support your overall health
  • Increase Chi or Paran√° (life energy)
  • Support of self-healing processes
  • stress reduction
  • Harmonization of body, mind and soul
  • Dissolution of old emotional blocks
  • Balanced hormone balance
  • Harmonious transition to the menopause
  • Help with incontinence

How do I use a yoni egg?

At Yoni Yoga

Yoga teaches you the mindful and loving treatment of yourself. Therefore, consciously take 15 – 30 minutes for your Yoni Yoga practice. Close your eyes at the beginning and try to feel your yoni egg. Activate the PC muscles while inhaling and relax during exhalation. Try to maintain this rhythm during your complete Yoni Yoga practice. We recommend all Asana around hip and heart opening. And if you really want to connect with your body, practice the exercises naked. Trust – you are beautiful!

Incidentally, it is also fabulous to carry the Yoni Egg during meditation. It will give you more confidence and mental presence!

In everyday life

You can also use your yoni egg comfortably for a movie or reading night on the sofa and let yourself be flooded by its effect. Or you already feel safe enough and wear it at work or even on the next date! Feel cheeky frivolous while you carry a little secret in the midst of people. With this love stone you can achieve more intense orgasms.


The Libeled Yoni eggs look especially beautiful with their pendants and we invite you to consciously wear your Yoni egg as an intimate jewelry. And one who is first and foremost for you and you alone. You can use it, for example, to stroll through your apartment and feel just poodle beautiful.

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